Buying Property through a Company


A look into the pros and cons of buying a property through a limited company.

Child Benefits opt out and Wives NIC History


Last year, approaching half a million women opted out of receiving child benefit. An unknown number never applied in the first place. Why?

Sole Trader or Limited Company?


The following article aims to highlight the differences between trading as a sole trader and a limited company as this is something many people ask about, especially when first starting out in business or considering the change after trading for a while...

Trivial Benefits


The new Trivial Benefits in Kind Exemption applies from 6 April 2016. To qualify as a trivial benefit, the following conditions have to be satisfied...

VAT Schemes


It is vital that VAT Registered businesesses are aware of the three main Vat schemes that can be used to make life simpler and save money.

Student Loans


A topic that commonly comes up when completing annual tax returns is the somewhat tricky area of student loans. These loan repayments can be overlooked and so to assist clients and contacts we have published this article to help.

Helpful Changes to Inheritance Tax


When a person dies their estate may potentially be liable to inheritance tax...

Property Taxes


Stamp Duty Land Tax is payable on the acquisition of properties, including buy-to-let properties. The amount varies depending on the price of the property...

Making Tax Digital


Making Tax Digital is the name that HM Revenue & Customs has given to the plan to transform tax collection and to replace the annual paper tax return. This new plan means that all individual and business tax information will be in one place, making it easier for you to keep up to date with your tax. In a world predominantly focused on technology and online services, millions of people benefit from the practicality of services going digital.

Tax Saving Investment Schemes


The government has implemented two schemes that will enable you to gain some of the most attractive tax breaks in the UK. Firstly we have ‘The Enterprise Investment Scheme’ and secondly ‘Seed Enterprise Investment’. Both schemes rely on the fact that you have invested in the shares of small, unlisted companies, which obviously has its pros and cons.

Work from Home Tax Deductions