Accountancy Fees

All of us would rather hold on to our money and spend it on the kids, a holiday or a new motorbike. At Rustrick Accountants Limited we sit down with our clients at the beginning of the year and agree the services to be undertaken over the coming 12 months tailored to their individual needs. We then agree what is a reasonable fee to supply these services. In all cases this will provide value for money by either saving tax or saving you time to enable you to get on with what you want to do. Once the fee is agreed, a set monthly payment is set up so there are no large accountancy fees to find at the end of the year which helps cash flow.


Preparing your accounts on an annual basis does not have to be a painful process. All businesses should produce accounts on an annual basis so they can see how the business has performed as well as for reporting requirements. The accounts are used by different organisations such as: tax office, mortgage companies, and banks. Prepared annual accounts will also show how your business has shaped up over the last year so you can plan for better results next year which is why the business exists in the first place! Whether you are a sole trader, partnership or limited company, before we start any work, we will review the records to make sure everything needed is there and give you a quote. We will also let you know what could be done by you if you want to keep the year end fee down. We will then produce your accounts asap to enable a crucial year end meet to run through the accounts, any issues picked up, discuss tax due and more importantly, help you plan for the year ahead.

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Business Startups

When starting up a business it can seem very daunting as it feels that there are so many areas to consider. Firstly, as with all new clients, we offer a totally free initial consultation. At this meeting we will discuss the proposed business, your hopes and aspirations and provide a framework of advice to make a success of your new venture. Through our networking leads, we are well connected to point you in the direction of trusted service providers you could speak to for help and advice. At our business start-up meet we will discuss the following:

  1. The type of structure and pros and cons
  2. Setting up a limited company
  3. Tax reductions
  4. Suggestions to keep overheads low and maximising profits
  5. The different methods of book keeping
  6. VAT registration and record keeping
  7. Forecasts and budgeting records

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Company Secretary

We can help with the following:

  1. Forming companies
  2. Share structure
  3. Prepare and file company documents, minutes and share transfer
  4. Maintaining statutory books
  5. Dealing with annual returns
  6. Provide a registered office facility

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Personal Tax / Self-Assessment

This is an area that affects so many of us. Being self-employed, a company director, or made a capital gain; just a few of the reasons that necessitates the completion of a self assessment tax return. Again, as with year end accounts, we can lessen the worry with an initial free meeting to discuss what’s needed, quite a quick chat over a cup of tea can lead to a pleasant early tax refund rather than months of worrying ‘I must get my tax return in!'. Nobody wants to pay too much tax so with our years of tax experience we can complete your tax return in the most tax efficient way so it is filed quickly with no penalties and you can get on with the more interesting things in life.

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Cash Flow

Cash flow is a crucial area for any business. If there is not enough money coming in to pay for monies going out then this will be a problem for the business and the owners of the business. Every new business should be aware of the expected outflows and inflows of money and we can help businesses produce a brief summary of this; particularly useful if approaching banks for help with finance. As with all our services, we sit down with our client and listen very carefully to the expected cash flows being described and use our knowledge and experience of helping other businesses and cost effectively produce the required forecast.

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Corporation Tax

All companies in the UK are required to complete and submit a Corporation tax return which is based upon the figures in the annual accounts. The return has to be filed electronically on line and with years of tax experience we can, and do, offer this service as part of our annual accounting service. If you want to discuss the above, please call for an initial consultation; price – one cup of tea, no sugar!

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Software Training

There are many accounting software packages on the market; the main ones being Sage and Quickbooks but there are also many bespoke accounting systems specialised for certain industries. We have expertise in the firm to help businesses understand or implement various accounting software or train staff. Many of our clients are using on line book keeping systems such as Free agent and Xero so if you wish to discuss this service, please contact us for a free consultation.

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Business Development

If you wish to take your business forward and grow to the next level, we offer this service to all of our clients as part of their annual year end review. We also offer the same service to any business owners who just want to sit down and discuss this area with a proactive accountant who loves to see businesses grow. Our contacts at the practice who have helped many clients include:

  1. Marketing experts
  2. Website professionals
  3. Banking and funding experts
  4. Business growth specialists
  5. Print and design specialists
  6. Overseas growth specialists
  7. Business investors

If you are interested in attending local networking events we are part of a successful and growing breakfast networking group – BOB (Business Over Breakfast), Maidstone.

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This is an area often overlooked by businesses and individuals in the construction industry. We have come across businesses that were not aware tax was being deducted from their income and could be refunded and these amounts were several thousand pounds. If you are in construction then this area needs to be looked at carefully. We help many of our clients with the following:

  1. Monthly CIS returns to the revenue
  2. Submitting and chasing up the revenue for CIS refunds for companies and individuals
  3. Obtaining correct CIS registrations for businesses
  4. Advising clients on the implications of CIS

Should you wish to discuss or chat through any of the above, please call to arrange a consultation.

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Management Accounts

This accounts are produced for a business on a monthly, quarterly or six monthly basis, either by you, your accounts staff or by us. The need for these accounts is to show how the business is doing so that decisions can be made. The management accounts are quite often able to be produced on your own accounting software and we quite often meet up with our clients on a quarterly basis to run through the management accounts and together decide on ongoing action plans. If you wish to discuss management accounts, how to produce them or how useful your current process is to growing your business then please get in touch.

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Tax Investigation

Every now and again the tax office will contact a business or individual and enquire into something on their submitted tax return that they are not happy with. The letter from them can be quite daunting, the wording can be very worrying and the implications if not dealt with correctly can be costly in terms of penalties, interest and overall time and stress. Quite often, if dealt with quickly and openly, the investigation can be resolved in a fairly pain-free way; if left and not acted upon, as with so many stressful areas of life, it can grow into a far worse situation. Having dealt with many investigations over the years, the normal cause is a lack of understanding by the taxman. We offer a free consultation to discuss the matter, plan the reply after investigating the findings and liaise with the tax office to resolve the matter quickly and efficiently. We also, as always, give an indication of our fee in dealing with the resolution. A lot of our clients pay an annual insurance fee so that the accountancy fees charged in dealing with such matters are covered; details of this are available on request.

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Business Growth

If you want your business to grow we believe that working with us, your proactive, innovative, straight talking accountants, will help you achieve this. Key to our approach is understanding your business, I really mean understanding what makes it work day in day out and this is achieved by sitting down with you and listening to you telling us in depth about yourself, your business and your future. Only by truly knowing what your business numbers are will you be able to unlock the growth potential. That is where we make the difference; we will tell you in plain English how your business is performing. We will then provide the support, insight, knowledge and service that will help you succeed. We provide a full range of accounting and business growth services that will help you measure success and help you deal with any issues that arise as well as support you as you plan for future growth and development.

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Company Formation

We can help with forming your company for a reasonable fee. This package includes the following:

  1. Advice on the pros and cons of incorporation in your specific situation
  2. Appointment of directors and company secretary
  3. Discussion regarding the issue of shares
  4. Registered office service
  5. Completion of minutes and resolutions
  6. Help with opening a bank account
  7. Tax discussions in respect of your newly formed company
  8. Discussions in respect of the company on the subject of VAT, corporation tax, book keeping and raising finance.

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Payroll and PAYE returns can be a minefield, so let us take some of the strain and let you to get on with running your business. Payroll can be complicated and with the revenue system of Real Time Information (RTI), filing has to be done on time and penalties are quickly raised if returns are late. We run payrolls on time and provide a tailored service which includes the following:

  1. Employee payslips
  2. Dealing with new employees and those who are leaving
  3. PAYE returns for RTI
  4. CIS returns
  5. P60s year end return
  6. P11Ds and P9D benefit forms

We also advise on related employment tax matters including:

  1. Director’s remuneration
  2. Retirement planning and termination payments
  3. Company car tax planning

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We can help with all aspects of VAT. With all new clients, as part of the initial consultation discussion, we undertake a general VAT health check and if areas need further investigation, we can arrange more formal and detailed health check. We advise on VAT registration and de-registration as well as all other areas of VAT compliance and queries. We can also, as part of our book keeping service, help with the preparation and submission of VAT returns. VAT can be a complicated area so being able to chat through VAT related matters with a friendly approachable accountant is crucial.

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Book Keeping

Helping clients with book keeping is part of what we do; be it advising on the best solution for your business and helping put a system in place or reviewing an existing set up. We can also help with your day to day book keeping if this is needed through our staff and contacts. Whether the system is manual or computerised, our team will be able to help so that the accounting records are kept up to date. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements.

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